Art For Syria: Syrian Refugee Crisis Photographs

“More than nine million Syrians have now lost their homes or fled Syria, over two thirds of them mothers and children. We are always working on or sending out containers full of humanitarian supplies and efforts. Helping us both with financial and physical donations ensures that we’ll be able to send out supplies when they’re needed, where they’re requested. Safe shelters for women with no male breadwinners and their families are ongoing efforts in bordering countries, literally ensuring Syria’s future” (NuDay Syria).

Digital high-resolution copies of each of my photographs (‘Celestial Ascension’ and ‘The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters the Heart’) can be purchased for $10.

100% of the proceeds from these two photographs will be donated directly to NuDay Syria and help to support their humanitarian efforts. If interested in purchasing my (or any of the other participating artist’s) artwork, please give your donation through the PayPal link on the Art for Syria website. Once you pay for your copy, email me at to receive your copy.

May our sincere efforts improve the lives of these human beings who are going through the most unimaginable of circumstances. They need all the help that they can get from us.

Thank you for your participation and most of all, for your help.


The quality will be optimal when printed on photographic paper (matte or glossy) and with inks of high quality. Dimensions when printed are approximately 8″ x 10″

These are the original photographs. The printable ones are slightly altered (for printing purposes)

The honor system is in usage!! I won’t know whether you donated or not… please do it for the sake of our fellow brothers and sisters in need of our donations!

Thank you!!

The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters the Heart -Rumi (

The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters the Heart (

Celestial Ascension (

Celestial Ascension :


“Forbearance” (Ode to Peshawar)

This life is a test, they say.

Our hearts are constantly being swayed.

As  we are simply, silly little human beings

With finite emotions, finite feelings.

But the pain the mother goes through

as she lays her little one down to rest

with a final goodbye, she comforts his

lifeless body as he sleeps on her chest.

How does one tell this to the mother?

That “you must be patient, you must have *sabr”.

How do you explain to the one who will never again rest

As she struggles to endure this world, bearing the markings of this test.

As I ponder upon this, I cannot help but feel lost.

We all wish to attain *Jannah, but at what cost?

Then, I close my eyes, prostrate to the ground

And remember that my heart with the One who created it, is bound.

Perhaps that is why the heart was created, to be broken and torn

So that it could instead be mended and given back to it’s Creator

May *Allah grant them sabr and *ridha to bear this pain

And to one day, live a complete life again.

Knowing that at the gates of Jannah, their children will stay

Only to reunite with their parents in the Hereafter, we pray.

The pain may never heal, but God does know best

So “verily in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest”.

                                                                    -Poem by Amna Haq

Arabic Translations

Sabr- patience

Jannah- Heaven

Ridha- contentment

Allah- God

(For more information on the Peshawar Tragedy, I wrote a previous post sharing my thoughts and feelings about it here).