My Very First Post!


My name is Amna and I like food.


Probably dreaming about said stuff….

….Not the best introduction? Alright, allow me to elaborate.

My name is Amna Haq and I am a recent college graduate.
Though I spent my four years in college preparing rigorously for a career in Dental Medicine (yay for teeth-pulling instruments, x-rays and root canals galore!), my passion for the integration between nutrition + health + science has finally gained dominance over my socially-driven fervency to become a DMD (AKA doctor=”make my family proud and society respect me” type-of-mentality…. though no denying that this is a great field, for those willing to pursue it).

So here I am now, ready to take my next steps into the  world of Nutrition and Dietetics (next steps: to attend graduate school for an MS degree and to become a Registered Dietitian). This blog will (mostly) be an outlet for me to share my perspective, musings and sentiments regarding food and health while also following my journey as I become an RD.

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(Source for above four images: Google)

I do believe that the source of most, if not all, diseases stems from eating; the types of foods we put into our bodies, the quality of the food, the nutrient density, etc. I am a fervent believer in “Preventative Medicine” and through the knowledge and insight that I will inevitably gain during this journey, I aspire to educate and encourage others to live, eat and BE healthy as well.

Dr Oz Dietitian

True story…. (Source:

As a future Registered Dietitian, I aspire to be defined by a myriad of roles, not just a dietitian but also a teacher, helper, traveler, student, writer and researcher. I hope to continue to grow in my own skills  and become a part of the new generation of inspiring and influential leaders in the field. I am comforted  to know that I’ve come to discover a field where I can completely display my enthusiasm, expertise and capabilities.

Sooo, my name is Amna and I do like love food! And if I know that what I am eating or drinking is benefiting my well-being, nourishing my body and pleasing my taste buds all at the same time, then all the better!

But, what does this have to do with the  title of this blog, you ask??
Well, if my personality/writing hasn’t given any indication yet, I do enjoy a good pun, and if it involves fairy tales and food/health (yes, thyme qualifies as both), then Once Upon A Thyme seems to be a pretty accurate title of this blog.

Oh yes.

I have other interests/passions/experiences/thoughts that I think you all would love to see/hear about as well (don’t pretend, you know you do!)  😉

So, be prepared for plenty of posts regarding:

Health, Nutrition, and Food (Because these three always go hand in hand):

The delicious foods for the soul:

image  image  image image

And the delicious foods for the body:

1920117_10152181944770912_900060884_n 045

002 image 974996_10151588505225912_325966430_n
All the above recipes and photographs are mine,
if anyone is interested in recipe posts, ask/message me!

Wanderlust-ing it up (I mean, traveling):

image imageimage  image image image

And photographing/living life:

470 567 575 608481
Taken at the Sunday Bazaar/Marketplace in Pakistan

image image image image
Wanderlust in Paris

    315299_10151142235860692_1413309003_n 559325_10151142235795692_599573810_n181193_10151142255460692_163885844_n 528620_10151142223440692_1626677023_n  527507_10151142255015692_1420041607_n 376587_10151142235375692_216554959_n553612_10151142236955692_378288236_n
Explorer in New York

Well, there you have it. That should be a suffice enough introduction (tried to keep it concise but pictures are my weakness!). Till next time!



6 thoughts on “My Very First Post!

  1. At last,we have a desi who will educate me on how to eat healthy! Now tell me top 5 foods to be avoided at all times;Pakistani/English cuisine. Fat burning foods ( no expansive herbal products),how and what do I eat that fills stomach (not chewing gum).Is it ok to have a glass of orange juice or coffee before excercising? Cant wait for your next post! Getting all the advice for free and that too from a personal nutritionist! 🙂

    • Hello Sehba! Thank you for the sweet message!
      Alright, to answer your question, I would not go out of my way to avoid foods, however:

      1) You should try your best to limit the amount of oil in your cooking and instead use coconut oil, especially of the unrefined, virgin kind. Though pricey, I promise you will be getting your money’s worth (plus, there are so many uses and benefits of coconut oil!)
      2) Replace heavily-processed grains with fiber-rich WHOLE grains (Quinoa, brown rice, barley, oats, etc). These will help you to stay full longer during the day while controlling your blood sugar and keep your GI tract healthy. You want to get at least 6-8 grams of fiber per serving.
      3) More (raw) fruits and vegetables! No excuses!
      4) Try and drink more green tea during the day. Lots of benefits, including that it boosts your metabolic rate (so that your body can burn more fat), lowers cholesterol levels (to prevent heart disease), and protects against the free radicals that cause cancer. So whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, drink more green tea!
      5) More water! (Sparkling, plain, with lemon, etc… just make sure you’re drinking plenty of it)

      A little caffeine before exercising is fine (I do the same!).

      Do remember that I’m not a Registered Dietitian (yet), so most of these answers are based upon my own opinions and personal research. Hope it all helps though!!

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